Thursday, May 1, 2014

Upcoming stuff

Well it's the 1st of May. I've already seen the tool being used quite a lot to create awesome looking videos. I'm sure that in future the videos can be even more awesome once all the new features get in. 

Rewriting the whole thing allowed me to rethink some things and make them better. The 1st person camera, for example, now works on infantry and every vehicle + I added better controller support. You can lock onto the weapon or the bones of the player model. If you're alone, you can make the 1p camera a freecamera, which allows you to film yourself running around etc.

I've also improved the 3p cameras a bit. Currently if you edit the 3p values, go to another vehicle and get its 3p values, you wouldn't be able to reset the first vehicle anymore. I've made it so it actually backs up the data when you first get the values for a vehicle. For example you get in a tank, it backs up the original values. Then you go to another vehicle and it backs up its values too. Now you go back to the tank, but this time it doesn't back up anything because the original data is already backed up. If you've edited the tank values, you can just click reset and it'll change the values to BF4 defaults. There will also be an indicator which tells you what vehicle you are editing. In spectator mode there are three different 3p cameras: infantry, vehicle and jet camera.

Earlier I posted a reminder not to use the tool on PB servers, because it is easily detected by PB. I changed some things and successfully removed the cause of the violation. I didn't do it to make it safe to use on PB servers, but rather to give people, who use it on PB servers either by accident or out of stupidity, a better chance of not getting banned. The tool can still be detected by PB, but it won't be as obvious as before. 

Besides me there are two other people working on the program. Ricky (known from Blue Entertainment) is making an awesome-looking website for the tool and it's going to replace Blogger. I'll be sure to throw a link here once it's ready and then this site wont be used anymore. Another awesome person working on the project is wirrew. He is mostly known for his BF3 GUI concept  that got a lot of attention, but sadly DICE never seemed to respond to it AFAIK. Wirrew is redesigning the whole UI. It'll be prettier and, more importantly, a lot more user-friendlier than before.

I think that's all for now. If you use ECT to make an awesome video, feel free to give us even a tiny bit of credit. I don't demand it nor do I feel bad if you don't, but it'd be nice.


  1. Replies
    1. No ETAs.
      Probably during this month, I won't promise anything though.

  2. It's quite interesting!
    Always thanks you

  3. It's crashing everytime I try to inject. Any solutions?

  4. I would love to use it, I m working on a big cinematic project and your software will be perfect for that, especially the "depth of field" function. Soon as it will work for me, I guarantee you that I will give you some credits ;-)

  5. Replies
    1. Man How did you fix the crash when injecting?! I can't find a solution :'( please help me...

    2. it crashes again since the last patch, too bad because it's an amazing tool

  6. Does anyone have any private servers that I could use it on? I don't know anyone with a server who is unpassword protected.

  7. The tool is crashing since the last BF4 update, can't get it to work, I was using it before the patch and it was cool :(

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